Justin Amash Says "Yes" to 2020 Presidential Run

Since being elected to US Congress in the 2010 election, Rep. Justin Amash has become a darling of libertarians and constitutional conservatives across the country. Any of the tens of thousands of liberty-lovers across the 50 US states who have donated to his 3 victorious congressional campaigns would be lying if they said they weren't also (at least in the backs of their minds) investing in a future presidential contender.

Any presidential possibilities for Justin Amash necessarily sat on the back burner as Justin only turned 35 (the minimum age for constitutional eligibility to be elected President) within the past year. Justin teased this fact on April Fools' Day 2015 when he Tweeted: "Looking forward to turning 35 on April 18. I'll be making a big announcement later this month." The 2016 presidential election, the first in which Justin could have participated, already had a standard-bearer of liberty in Sen. Rand Paul. Justin chose to stand with Rand, as most supporters of freedom did.

The presidential question has dogged Congressman Amash for the past year. In May of 2015, a voter asked Justin if he would ever run for president, to which he jokingly responded: "I'm 35 now, so anything is possible." In September of 2015, a supporter on Twitter said, "If you could get @JustinAmash to run for president, maybe I would start caring." Justin Tweeted back: "2020: Amash vs. Kanye," poking fun at the recent announcement by musical artist Kanye West that he intended on running for president in 2020.

While Justin continued to joke about possible presidential prospects, his strongest supporters did not know whether Justin was seriously considering it, open to it, against it, or might even give a Shermanesque statement ("If nominated I will not run, if elected I will not serve").

After the answer to that question, journalist Corie Stephens of Rare.com sat down for an exclusive interview with Congressman Amash this week. The last question of the interview: "Many libertarians are dying to know: Would you consider running for president some day?"

Justin's very serious answer: "It’s important that we have a strong libertarian voice running for president. And it’s important that we win. So, yes."

Congressman Amash's statement that he would wage a "strong libertarian" campaign for the presidency ought to give hope to those looking for a return to the revolutionary energy of Ron Paul's 2008 and 2012 campaigns. His statement that he would be in it to "win" should allay any concerns of those who would want Justin to wage a serious campaign with a solid strategy. We look forward to doing all we can to put President Amash in the White House in just four short years.

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  • commented 2016-08-29 04:37:09 -0500
    Do you think that Justin Amash would be willing to appear in public with Adam Kokesh to discuss moving America towards freedom? (Adam Kokesh has already begun his campaign for president of the United States 2020.)


    -Thane Eichenauer, Phoenix, Arizona
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