How Will We Draft Justin?

amash__justin.jpgThe effort to draft Justin Amash into the 2020 race for US President will take time, patience, and hard work. Congressman Amash cannot possibly make a decision until likely 2019 at the earliest. We chose to begin this effort on February 3rd, 2016, the day that Sen. Rand Paul ended his campaign to restore liberty to this nation, because we intend to be ready to fight for Justin Amash on Day One of his presidential campaign.

This draft effort headquarters in Iowa, and we are already laying the groundwork to dominate the next presidential caucus.

Will Justin Amash run for President? No one knows, nor has Congressman Amash likely given it any considerable thought yet. Have we had any real conversations with Justin Amash about runnning for President in 2020? No. Has Justin Amash made concrete moves toward a run for President in 2020? No. Has Justin Amash declined the idea of running for President in 2020? No.

Our plan is to provide encouragement for Justin to enter the next presidential election, and to educate the voters of this nation on who Justin is and why he offers the brightest hope for our country's future.

What if Ron Paul or Rand Paul choose to run again in 2020? This may indeed pose a difficult choice for many of Justin's supporters. We feel that the Paul family has contributed the lion's share of liberty's progress in America, and the Pauls will continue to accomplish great things. Yet, we cannot sit back, wait, and hang all our hopes on one family to do all the work necessary to restore freedom in America. Other statesmen, and fresh new faces, must prepare to advance our banner.

We will build friendships and relationships with allies of liberty in Iowa, New Hampshire, and across America. Our effort to draft Justin Amash in 2020 will become a visible presence at Republican events, at conservative events, and at pro-liberty events. We are putting together a network of volunteers, fundraisers, and supporters that will provide Justin with the support he needs to win. We have even reserved the URL and will hand the address over to Amash's campaign team at no charge should he choose to run.

Join the movement to restore freedom, prosperity, and peace to America. Together, we can.

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