Justin Amash Says "Yes" to 2020 Presidential Run

Since being elected to US Congress in the 2010 election, Rep. Justin Amash has become a darling of libertarians and constitutional conservatives across the country. Any of the tens of thousands of liberty-lovers across the 50 US states who have donated to his 3 victorious congressional campaigns would be lying if they said they weren't also (at least in the backs of their minds) investing in a future presidential contender.

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How Will We Draft Justin?

amash__justin.jpgThe effort to draft Justin Amash into the 2020 race for US President will take time, patience, and hard work. Congressman Amash cannot possibly make a decision until likely 2019 at the earliest. We chose to begin this effort on February 3rd, 2016, the day that Sen. Rand Paul ended his campaign to restore liberty to this nation, because we intend to be ready to fight for Justin Amash on Day One of his presidential campaign.

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